Meetings online.  This is not fine.
Hour after hour.
Virus has all the power.
I sit in front of the screen.
Sometimes, I want to scream.
It's hard to ignore.
You can't see anybody's face anymore.
Just the mask that does cover.
"You're not doing right!"
They say to me.
This is becoming a pain; driving me insane.
This goes on all day.  It's not ok.
This goes on all nght, not all right.
I do the best I can do, it's true.
We watch the news.
We hear the views.
The President howls.
The President growls. 
A vaccine by Election Day.
That's his  wish.  He never seems to tire.
He would get re-elect.  For him, that would be perfect.
That's his dream.
We all want one too.  Yes, it's true.
Then, this can be done.  Then, this can be through.
Again, life will be fun.


Trump pressuring the CDC.
Yes, he is doing that.
What are the facts?
Who do you believe?
Who do you trust?
What you can do.  What you can't.
A fact you can't ignore.
What you used to be able to do,
but can't anymore.
The change of routine.
You need to adapt.
You have to stay apart by feet.
This is not neat, nor is it a treat.
See, there may be fear and anxiety too.
Yes, it's true.
Do I have it?  Do you?
How long has this gone on
Hoew long will this go?
Nobody seems to know.
What can we do?  
When will this be through?
Day after day, it never goes away.
Night after night, never out of sight.
Week after week, a end we all seek.
Will this last years?
There are tears.
There are fears. 
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I don't believe there is

I don't believe there is another time in history where this response would be widely accepted by the public. I'm careful to say "accepted" and not to say 'supported', though I do think many people support it - at least in general. But it appears that a lot of people feel pressured to support what is promoted as publically popular, due to cable television, social media, and the incredible reach that conformity has today, so it's hard to even know what "support" itself truly even means anymore.


I think your write raises a lot of fair questions, and certainly highlights the crippling effects of fear driven by the co-existing features of Uncertainty and Force. Is time on our side? I don't know. But I do wish for you, some how, some way, some peace of mind amidst this all.