Doggy, it is time for bedtime!!

Doggy, it is bedtime

You might need to rest

You?ll be up in the morning

And you?ll need you?ll rest

You?ll see your self up in the morning

Doggy it is bedtime

It is good that you go to sleep

You need your rest to have energy

Tomorrow, tomorrow might be a special day

So you can go run

And go play

That is good for doggies like you

You?ll just like it as much as I do

I like going to bed early

I like getting up early, too

That is fun

Thank you

Doggy it?s bedtime

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I made up this song, and I recorded on May 18, 1997, when I was 11 years old, I think!  I thought that is pretty good being that young!!

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Alicia Batchelder's picture

This is very cute! I like it a lot!! Alicia