Friends Will Be Till the Very End, Amen!

When I went to church I felt alone,

But then you were there to hold.

You excepting me for who I was,

And not for who I wasn't.

You are so sweet and cool,

And you will never become a fool.

You stand up for what is right,

And you will never bite.

It is awesome to be your friend,

And I thank you for excepting me for who I am.

I love you like a friend,

And friends we will be till the very end, amen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This peome is dedicated to Liz, one of many of my good friends at church that are there for me when I need someone.  I think you all for supporting my poems and for supporting me, Thanks again Liz for being there for me, through my hard times, Sammy

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