Just Like This


On a journey to Heaven -

visions reflected in your eyes,

passing through mists for morning's,

and rising to the brightest skies


Set adrift in the sunlight -

beyond terrestrial scapes,

embracing all that you are,

in a world- only love shapes


To the edge of infinity-

surrendering to the serene,

arrival on a smitten heart,

from where paradise is seen


Images in this window -

depicting my every thought,

within is held splendor,

the dreams I've always sought


Life roused in your presence -

entranced by beauty of soul,

a sweetness till eternal's last,

an existence that makes me whole


These pleasures for me alone -

like whispers before a kiss,

words to hold me in your arms,

I'll love you forever - just like this


© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another handful of words. A moment of thought.

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a.griffiths57's picture

    Beautifull selection of



Beautifull selection of words, put together to make a memorable poem. So romantic and rhythmic almost song like.  A wonderful love poem I like very much.




cevance's picture

Thank you for the very nice

Thank you for the very nice comment.

bishu's picture

Do not go too Gentle into that Good Night- Dylan Thomas

A striking contrast to "Do not go too Gentle into that Good Night"- by Dylan Thomas. You say "The edge of infinity" in contrast to DT's "sad height" Truly liked each stanza and was trying to fathom your perspective against MR Dylan Thomas. Indeed Thomas wrote the poem for his dying father. I truly oft wonder how could someone love the "infinite" which is a deep unknown chasm however charming. Worthier poets on this site will understand the poem better and write better comments. I am not as accomplished as they are. I can only say "It is good stuff"



cevance's picture

To the edge of infinity of

To the edge of infinity of one's own conscious height - in an amorous state of mind; only obtained and viewed by those whose hearts have been smitten.  At least that's my condensed definition of what I've written.


Thank you for your kindness, Bishu.

bishu's picture

Thanks Mr Vance my friend for your point which I now understand

Thanks Mr Vance my friend for your point which I now understand.Indeed, the smitten bit by love-bug....



allets's picture

A Sweet Write

Lucky lady, yours or your model - any woman would be honored to be the object of this poem - Just Bein' Stella





cevance's picture

Thank you so very much,

Thank you so very much, Stella. The lucky lady is just my imagination. It's the way that I like to think things could be.