Spoken muse at evening's edge,
given its voice from long ago.
A view in place - outside the reach,
forever spawned by twinkle's glow.

Awing wonder-- presented by night,
a voyage beyond dream filled eyes.
Threshold leading past the moon;
through the door, to endless skies.

Ride along on a falling star;
whisking by the facets of light.
Chase the flow of stellar winds;
a wish upon - taken to flight.

Shining pebbles within the grasp,
worlds displaying a sun in rise.
a will-o-wisp taken in hand,
an elusive lure becomes the prize.

To lands in lights of pondered glints,
oceans awash on new-found shores.
Horizons discovered in leap of night,
abreast with heaven--the dreamer soars.

To boarders of the clustered field,
sees a height of sparkling showers.
Crossing depths without moment's loss,
a witness to paused sweeping hours.

Come touch the face of father time,
for journey--his stance so still.
Far in distance he patiently waits,
once again--a venture so real.

© C.E.Vance




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Loved this cevance! Been

Loved this cevance! Been thinking a lot about stars lately. *smiles

Copyright © morningglory

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This bit of hoodoo gave me a

This bit of hoodoo gave me a headache trying to figure out an ending for it. :o) I'm certainly pleased you enjoyed it.