(I Draw) Circles of the Heart

Letters to Petula

I drew a circle
in the sands that fell through my heart
And pooled at my feet


I drew a circle
So that you would know
No matter how far I go


I always come back to you
That I return to you
As faithfully as the earth orbits the sun


Every word that I write to you
Is a circle, with you at the centre
As if you were a bright, burning star


That guides my way, that lights my life
I draw circles when alone, when with you
I am compelled to draw them


To know where we've been
To know where we're going to
I draw circles so that I never forget
I draw them so you will always remember:


The complete, the perfect, the infinite
love that I feel for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my beautiful Petula, if there was any way I could love you more, I swear I would...