Part #56 - We Reconnected

Letters to Petula

All these words, It's all for you, these words that burn in my heart every day and pour from me, like the most natural action, with all the ease of breathing. Oh God, how I love you so much, my sweet beautiful Petula. I die a thousand deaths an hour that I'm away from you, as crazy as that is when we've been living together more than 7 years already.


I love you with all the love of great passions and great love stories and dramatic declarations and beautiful songs and epic poems and all the magic things that come from a feeling that started small but burned deep and bright and exploded into this, with all the love of crazy fireworks and daydreams and stars and soul connections and the wonder of chemistry and physics and whatever it is that happens between two people that brings and keeps them together not only in life on Earth but whatever lies beyond it.


I love you with all the mystery of how you can be with someone for 9 years and feel like this. Mostly I love you with the love that is at the heart of what makes us human, our very essence. I love you as you are, as I know you so intimately through the years, yet with the fearless, all-trusting love of someone falling in love for the very first time and I love you with all the loves that could ever be all at the same time...


Whatever I've done in my life amidst all the stupid things, all the mess ups and mistakes (especially those in our marriage), whatever the story is that I leave behind one day, let it be that the one thing I got right, was that I loved you honestly, truly and purely, with all my heart and soul....Always. Ever and always...

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From "Letters to Petula"

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