Don't you know

I only think about you when I see your posts or text

I never reply them or comment  

You hurt me and I hurt you 

Isn't that enough. you know with each missed call its me you torment.

I got more important priorities and bigger goals.

That's what I like to tell myself

But when I see your face it hurts a little more

And now its taking its toll

But fuck it what am I saying

I've done things since we broke up

I don't need you 

Time for me to man up

Don't you know this is what tell myself to go on

That for once I'm gonna use my brain and I won't go wrong

You're just a girl

So you can burn in hell

As I sit in the silence

Telling myself I deserve this penance

Looking at your empty side of my shelf

Don't you know I'm lying to myself.






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    I agree with amywilkie -



I agree with amywilkie - only time will help the hurt fade.

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I think we can all relate. We've all had to try the lie. Anything to make the pain subside. But no matter how hard we try, only time will make it fade. Only time.

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I like it, your style is

I like it, your style is gritty and you tell it.

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Thanks. check out my others

Thanks. check out my others too

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I can totally relate to this.

I can totally relate to this. :/

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thanks :) check out my others

thanks :)

check out my others too

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Ambiguities of Loss

That half empty shelf jumped me and threw me to the poetic dirt where the empty image pinned me down and said "See, poetry!" This was so yes ~A~



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Thanks a lot  sometimes

Thanks a lot  sometimes there's just that one person that we remember more when we try to forget them. :)