Phoenix Rising


You set fire to the whole thing

While drinking the water

I watch as it all crumbles down in horror

Didn’t want it up that’s true

Didn’t have a choice  after I met you

And became fond of the structure

But you set fire to it now

Like it was nothing at all

Flames and ember burn the heart

Burning red in the dark

Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

More than enough for me to want to give up

When a pile of ash remains

And you enjoy the victory you have claimed

I watch as a creature rises from the ashes

Hatred, bitterness, emptiness

Like there was before

The things I had missed

Eyes that see through all and see the vanity

That exists in all humanity

The phoenix rises for me to ride

Soar above all feelings of love

Rise to isolation and the absence of feeling

Hopelessness meaningless free of feeling

Free of caring no reason to hurt

No reason to hope

 That’s where my phoenix will take me

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This read made my mind go off

This read made my mind go off in different directions. I wanted to pick up the pen and write and then when I did, nothing came out. My phoenix, still in the ash, waiting for the proper moment to rise once more.

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It is the poem that took me a

It is the poem that took me a long time to be able to express in its present form...the concept combined with the proper amount of pain is responsible for its birth. I am glad to hear that it inspired you. When the time comes for your phoenix to arise it will be beautiful. I will be very happy if you let me know when that moment comes...Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on the poem.

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Thank you, Dequan. I will let

Thank you, Dequan. I will let you know for sure.


I feel the ashes churning,

Embers lay beneath.

The phoenix is rebuilding.

Soon her firey form will be...


p.s. Sorry for the pain you speak of. I call them growing pains. Keep writing! :)

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