On Life and Living

Mr. Sandman, where are you?
I so do need some sleep!
Please...send me off somewhere,
Peaceful, restful and deep.

My eyes are soooo heavy-
Yet the lids just won't shut!
I'm so weary of all this getting,
Up, down, and then back up!

Its a vicious cycle, Sandman,
And you're nowhere to be found!
I'd just bet you've gone off,
Sleeping somewhere sound!

But oh, please think of me,
In my insomnia-ridden state.
Come back here and help me!
Before its just too late!

For soon now, the sun,
Again, shall it quickly rise.
And there will be no forty,
Winks, for these sleepy eyes!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this the other night...when I was still WIDE awake, yet again. Heck...last night I even doubled up my Sonata...and did it work? NADDA!!! lmao

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MrsLivingston©'s picture

I can totally relate!!! Great

I can totally relate!!! Great poem! Insomnia sucks.


cathycavalcante's picture

lol Thanks and I am sorry

lol Thanks and I am sorry that you CAN relate. lol (as I sit here yet again after 2