Soul Poetry


she sits alone.

So beaten down inside.

She no longer, even cares,

and takes it all

in stride.


These walls have become

her prison,

that nothing can break apart.

Both the actual, foundation-

and the ones,

she's constructed around her heart.


She longs for

an open window-

to free her from this fate.

But only stark

and solid surroundings,

cement her lonely state.


There she sits,

and stares,

numbed by years of sorrow.

So emotionally drained

and empty,

she fears for each tomorrow.


She knows that there's

a door,

and that she could finally, be free.

But no one's ever tried,

to help her open it,

even though they hold the key.


What could she have done,

to have earned

such utter disdain?

All she ever did was love,

yet, was only repaid-

with pain.


She gave all, of herself,

till nothing was left

to keep.

So deaf are they,

to her sadness,

they never hear her weep.


Long past dreaming

and wishing,

in things that never came to be.

She knows no one,

would even notice,

if life from her, would flee.


How she even got here,

is a mystery

she can't unravel.

For this was not,

a path she'd choose,

or willingly, would travel.


All she's ever wanted,

was acceptance...

and to be loved.

But all she gets,

is pretend emotion,

and pushed aside and shoved.


She's learned to hide the hurt,

behind her

welcoming smile.

Knowing the truth,

that their false concern,

will only last awhile.


Never did she, set out to hurt,

and if she did,

she'd aploogize.

But she always saw,

the hurtful truths,

behind their lying eyes.


When no one really,

gives a damn,

if she even lived or died-

Why is it that,

she still cares so much,

that for her, no one has cried?


And why can't she,

just be accepting,

that to them, she's only here-

Just a burden, in the way,

and not even worthy

a single tear?


Why is it, she fights this?

Why they treat her as such,

she'll never know.

Did she do something,

so terribly wrong,

that concern for her, they cannot show?


Maybe she just,

should make them happy-

take her leave and depart.

They've all but done it anyways,

by destroying

her very heart.


But no...she'll just go on,

loving and caring-

for its all she knows to do.

And forever, despondent,

she'll wonder why,

no one, could love her too...

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teresa_r's picture

I can so relate to this
poem sounds like me.