She Wants So Much More...

Soul Poetry

Her life is laid out before her.

She sees all she's had, has and has lost.

She longs for just a bit more.

She wonders,

'Is this it, then? All there is and will be?'

'Is there no more awaiting me, than this?'

She's happy, content and settled,

yet there's a part of her that yearns

for the as of yet, unreachable things.

She's loved and been loved,

but what is love without her dreams?

Without her even attempting to find them?

She's not saying, she's done with 'this.'

This life she now leads, she wouldn't trade.

But the desires to be more, burn inside her.

The longing to experience things different

than what has been her norm, consumes her.

To see what has always been unseeable to her eyes.

Her deep-rooted soul aches to be freed

from all which holds her back.

She needs to go forward from here.

She has so much, so much more than many,

but there's a free-spirited gypsy which resides in her,

and 'she', wants so much more.

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I enjoyed reading this!
Nice job