Torn At The Seams

Soul Poetry

The threads which held me,

bound me and wove my being

are slowly coming unraveled.

Tightly woven stitches,

loosening one by one,

all since the knot became untied.

So long they've held together,

these jagged edged seams-

so long have they kept me bound.

Now, I'm wary of this fraying,

afraid of the frayed borders

that no longer protect my boundries.

And now, the silk of my skin is gapped

-an open wound able to bleed out

and stain the very fabric of my soul.

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David Richardson's picture

Beautifully written-visually superb. Hurt can truly do all these things and more.Beauty of life is every beautiful second of it-savor it all while you have the abilities to go out and explore all the beauty around you. Please take care and have a very beautiful weekend. Thank you for sharing.

Dave Richardson