Dear Grandma,

Grief & Grieving


Dear Grandma,

I hope this letter gets to you by whatever mode.

I'll send it via an angel cause I don't know Heaven's zipcode.

In the year since you have gone there is some news to tell.

The children are all growing fast and they are doing well.

Zachary is in the sixth grade now, but about to go to seventh.

Sarah will be going to third, Joshua into eleventh.

Matthew graduated highschool a few weeks after you died.

But he felt you looking down that day with gentle love and pride.

Zach is still a quiet one but has a very silly side.

He's always doing something funny and we've laughed until we've cried.

Sarah Jane is still a cutie and still a mischief maker.

But I believe when she grows up, she'll be quite the mover and shaker.

Recently, Josh decided, upon an honorable goal.

He wants to be a firefighter, so he joined the Junior Patrol.

Matt is working carpentry and still living here at home.

He and his girlfriend, Kristin, will be parents soon, with a child of their own.

I wish that you could be here Gram, to welcome your Great-Great-Grandaughter.

The name they chose is Alyssa Catherine, and I'll kiss her for you when I hold her.

Chuck and I are doing okay. We still have battles with our health.

But when it comes to family and love, we have an enormous wealth.

And Gram, by the way, you'll be happy to know, you recently got your wish.

Brother, Patrick settled down. Last month he married Trish!

Mary and Andy are also well. All their kids have smiling faces.

Erin and Tommy have made lots of progress and Kyle got his braces!

We saw Bob, Mair and the girls recently, when they came up from Maryland.

We were all together again, at the wedding we all did attend.

All is well with Mom and Dad, but Mom still misses you so.

Loosing the last of her family, was a very painful blow.

Well Gram, its time I end this, and send it on its way.

But Gram, I still love and miss you so much, each and every day!

                       Love Always,

                            Cathy xo

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great poem so nicely written./ i know exactly how you feel. i lost my grandmother in 1998 and i think about her everyday . there had been days im dialing her phone number to tell her some news only to realize she is no longer there. she was not only my grandmother but my best friend.