Love After My War

Soul Poetry


I fought for me.


And at long last,

Did I decide

That enough

was way past



I prayed for a peace

For strength,

And prayed for

The courage

That until now

Eluded my

every step.


And with the heart

Of a battle ready warrior,

My soul my weapon,

I made my stand,

Stood fast

And fought for

My very life.


After countless years

Of defeat

Of battle-scarred losses,

This was my


And victorious,

I emerged.



I fight that fight

No more.

I have found peace

In triumph

And love

After my war.




palewingedpoetess's picture

Truly beautiful..............

I admire your honest and courage and the strength and talent you possess to write such a deeply felt piece.............. after all pain too is a tool.......Sincerest praise, Melissa Lundeen.

cathycavalcante's picture

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your kind words, Melissa.

Its all very recent, and the divorce is final...yea!!! now, life is right before me and I have found not only the peace, but yes, have found TRUE LOVE with my TRUE LIFE'S SOUL MATE!