Oh Lord, we come before You, 
On this Thanksgiving Day. 
We ask You for Your Blessing, 
As we gather now to pray.


Bless this food before us, 
Of which we will partake. 
Forgive us all our sins, 
And mistakes that we may make.


Strengthen our very souls, 
Make us worthy of You. 
Keep us safe, from any harm, 
In everything we do.


Guide us every day, Oh Lord, 
Show us right from wrong. 
When we are feeling weakened, 
We pray You make us strong.


Father, we give You thanks, 
For loved ones gathered near, 
And we ask that You watch over, 
All those, that aren't here.


We pray for peace and harmony, 
Upon our struggling earth. 
We thank You for the precious Gift, 
You gave us, in Your Son's birth.


Oh Lord, we thank You for everything, 
You have blessed us with again, 
And we humbly pray, all of this, 
In Jesus' name....Amen.

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What a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL,

What a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, testimonial table grace, for Thanksgiving or any other time.  I like the momentum built up with each stanza, although it does falter at the failed rhyme in the final stanza.  But even that, which is easily correctible, cannot detract from the profoundly spiritual meaning of this great poem.  Bravo!

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.


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beautiful message,happy

beautiful message,happy thanksgiving

ron parrish