Not a Cause for Concern

You know those days when you think 'what's the point in living'?

They are supposed to be reminders to be gentle with yourself

I don't know what I don't know

but they are closer like contractions 

I don't have a fraction of clue what I should do


I used to think there were things worth living for

But I'm older and I'm tired

I'm just none the wiser

and I don't know anymore


I used to want do overs

But I am just undone

I used to long for starlight

But I don't hear from anyone


I try to give mself things 

to look forward to

But how long until a new shiney thing

just won't do

Honestly, I stay alive for you


How long does it take for someone 

overweight just to waste away

I don't think many would miss me

but there's a few that would be screwed 


How long before I cry so hard I can no longer breathe 

How long before the downpour and my final screams

I'm just so tired of being me

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I Call This Soul Cleansing

Healthy look in mirror - life progresses to a need for more engaging options. One basketed eggs syndrome is quite human. Saw way too much of my 70 years on planet earth in this one. ~S~



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it will get better,many would

it will get better,many would miss you i`m sure

ron parrish

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A cause for concern

When I get that way, I pray and see better days

So I tell them all to take a hike what the heck I

don't want to be like Mike, There's only one me

and that has set me totally free.

So when the darkness try to spawn I say prayer

and hold on. For things look the darkest. Just

Before The Dawn.

Very good. Thanks for sharing.