My Grandmother´s Delicious Cooking

Before I start I need to state that I’m a person who really enjoys the cuisine, so you can have a sense of what I’m talking about in this prose. My grandmother, started cooking since she was 17 years all. By that time, she lived in the state of Puebla and cooked all kinds of regional dishes taught by her mother (my great grandmother). From  age 17 to 23, besides cooking, she was involved in many different activities like dancing and working for a living. At the age of 22 she meets my grandfather, another exceptional cooker from Monterrey, in a “charriada” that took place in downtown Puebla. By the age of 23 they got married and my grandpa brought her to Monterrey, were they settle as a family. She gathered many experience in cooking, all experience she learned from my grandfather, my grandpa’s parents and all places they used to travel together. All this time behind the kitchen drive her to establish a kitchen’s company from 0, after she finished raising her son and daughters. Today, after 40 years, is one of the most successful kitchen company's in Monterrey, and she is 76 years old. 18 years ago from now, she hired a made for the house which only knew how to clean, yet working at the side of this two persons most time of the day for 6 straight days during the week thought her all she needs to know to make people fall in love with the taste of her food. Now they do not cook as much than before, my grandmother spends most of her time in the office and my grandfather stays in the ranch. Sarita, the made, is the one in charge of the cooking now. How do I fit in this story? I hardly spend time with them, but my dad told me I should make some presence in their lives because I could regret it later if something bad happens to them. The first visit, great hospitaly and cooking, sometimes Sarita´s, sometimes my grandma´s, convince me to go every week. Now I go every Wednesday to spend time with them and have a delicious lunch. Food reunite our family.

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