Bows and Arrows

As I held the bow

And reached back

To grab an arrow

The arrow of death

When I get set up to shoot

I let go

The arrow goes straight

Straight into the bull's-eye

The arrow now drunk

Drunk with the sense of death

The sense of desperation

A desperation of a killer

The sense of a wrath

A wrath of a jealous mind

Just trying to make things right

Right in the eyes of a stranger

The stranger called death

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i was inspired to write this while watch a robin hood movie (i don't remeber which one tho). written 09-05-2003

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Afzal Shauq's picture

good and impressive one... yeah its a very clear and good poem with rich thought and sure ... the way you did it is great and heart knocking of course... so I can loudly say that you are a sweet poet with honey poetic feelings and thoughts... hope my poetry has also that much strenth to make way to your heart and brain to capture as this poem of yours has done to mine.... wish you good luck peotry friend... with a hope you will go through my work know if its heart touchig or not?