Details details..

Dusty sorrow, pain tomorrow... Brazen bruising dollar dollar...


Seed and mane, lock and lame

Faster pacer, master cane...


Leap and Lord, trusset-sword


Pacing finer flaccid cord, appease and sort...

Rock and ort...


Divine and play the mind of ort   


Spinning spurring ballad blight

Sun and moon prevailing light


Seeking sight though mast is broken.


Mason master, feeble flail 


Wind and sail, autonomous scale

Illustrious Lord of rocking hail


Once rising caught the funnel flowing,

Divisive ends began the silvery sultry knowledge knowing


Defeat the end, intent and tense

Tensor torsion power bend.


The end.

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You twist my tongue, Burke. Nice to see you back around!

Copyright © morningglory

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Hello Ipomoea, morning glory!

Hello Ipomoea, morning glory! Making me a sunny story, rainy days are gone away... Here I am with words to play.

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I might officially change my name to this. 


Play your words we want to hear

Write us more beyond our fear

We will read and read again

Twisting tongues with heads that spin



Copyright © morningglory

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That is lovely :)

That is lovely :)