For Her

Love poems

I have yalled and screamed

Hit her for no reason

Slapped her around

and thrown her to teh ground  

She holds a gun pointed to my head

Shes kidding, so i laugh

she shoots me twice in the leg

I scream with pain

shes crazy

for she holds my baby

as i lunge and greb the PHONE

not the knife

I say goodbye to my to my unborn son and wife

Now i am lying in a puddle of my own blood on the floor

she has shot me in the head

as the lights fade i slowly and painfully loose my breath

9 months later, a baby is born

who me, his father, is dead

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tight piece

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hey gurly~

just in sitting here in your parents room and ur talkin to that hottie with the bodie! lol anyways.......this is the best poem i know!!!!!!! i cant wait til we make it into a song and sing it for the world to here! i love ya girl.,

the best cuz in the world