Sad Poems

Im so unappericated... Striaght up under rated... Everybody else just thinks about themselves.. Im so frustrated.. And i cannot take it.. I wish you knew how i feel then i wouldnt have anything to hide.. I wish i was a normal girl... Who is pretty and always paints her nails.. I wish i as a happy girl.. then i wouldnt be so depressed and afriad... all my friends are normal why am i ugly?.. why do I stand out?.. I am just ugly inside and out...everyone looks beyond me like im not even there.. and when all the perfect people see me they just stare! and watch me with dirty looks as i walk by with my ugly glistening hair... people always stare at me because of my looks.. everyone knows me as "The Freak"... But here i am standing still... still standing.... ugly and alone...

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thi would b a great song for our band!!!!! love this poem! its my 2nd fav poem!!! andu know why too! *wink wink* :) lov ya girly!