As I drown in a river of tears I sink in a puddle of blood I can no longer run from my fears I can no longer stand in this flood a flood of sorrow a flood of pain if I would have known before he came I won’t let him hurt me no longer anymore But yet I still let him throw me to the floor it hurts but I don’t cry so he knows I am not weak I scream inside as I stare at his feet  I feel a shriek of pain run through my veins I overflow with fear and hate I scream and grab the nearest thing  I hit his shin and he falls to his knees

I stand over him and laugh telling him he’s a bastard and spitting in his face I run out of the house and run away He will not hurt me anymore I am running far and never remembering this anymore.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is how I felt with my ex-boyfriend Kendall.. We are over now.. It was hell!

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Autumn's picture

Alot of insight for such a young woman! Great job, similar in some aspects to one ive written. Keep going with it girlie!

poetvg's picture

i know
what it
is like
to go thur
pain like that
because i have .

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this is not quite finished... but it should be soon :)