my heart

Love poems

My heart bleeds for the one.

For the one whos heart bleeds for mine.

I never knew these feelings hurt so bad till' I found you and you broke my heart.

I thought u loved me but i can see i was a fool.

I was totally wrong!

Nothing hurts as bad as realizin he meant everything to u and u meant nothing to him.

All of the sudden I realize im bleeding then i see i am bleeding out all my pain u gave to me.

I am slowly comming to my death

Here it is


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poetvg's picture

nice one

jagedpyro's picture

you hear doesnt need to bleed anymore baby. I here and ill alwas be here for you, ill never hurt you sexy, i love you.

holli wiedrick's picture

wow i really thought that was a very good poem. i definitly like the ending.