we will steal your future from you

sever any hope from you broken mind

assure the destruction of your soul

it doesn't take much

when your dangling from a single loose thread

because of the illness that lingers within your head


we cannot tolerate you

anything that differs from our norm

you must be cast aside

or you must be stomped out

if you are unable to conform 


they will steal your future from you

ensure a facade of hope

all while you work your hands callus

break your back

scrounging for the droppings they left behind

after they've plundered your entire supply


they cannot tolerate you

anyone who is bound to toil

you must be cast aside 

because you are substandard

nothing more than disposable 


i will steal your future from you

legislate my morality

pervert intentions into my superiority

chase you down

my badge, my bullet

you are in the ground

you are in the fucking ground


you will steal my future from me

and i will steal your future from you

they will steal our fture from us

and we will seal their future

when we are in the ground

we are all in the fucking ground

burn it to the ground

to the fucking ground

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