The Good Fights No Fight

The world is in turmoil

War war war

Death to the infidel

More more more

My god’s better than your god

Like infants in a playground

But death only begets death

In vengeance they are bound

Break through

Think true

Only compassion brings light

There is no future to this fight

Know thine enemy,

there’s the key for thee

For it’s easy to kill

those we do not see

For truly knowing thy enemy

Can only bring compassion

After a fashion. …

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Nice one

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This is another good poem, well expressed thought.

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Hi Stephen! Welcome to PostPoems! My, what a positive entree ... I love this definition of living: compassion. If only more of us could fight as warriors of LOVE. What heaven this world would have been. Looking forward to your postings! Love Myra

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rough hardly describes this, but the thought's there ...