Smells Like Inspiration

The Smell Of Inspiration 



Have you ever been inspired by reading and admiring the works of others.....only to be discouraged when you set aside time to write.....and the words don’t just stream out of you like a blissful poetic eruption of ink and genius verse.

I think that inspiration comes whenever it wants to..On it’s own terms. I have made it a habit to try to always keep pen and paper in my pocket just Incase I have a noteworthy thought or see something bizarre or poetically ironic.

I have dabbled in psychedelics to view the world through a slightly less filtered lens.

I have partaken in the consumption of African Dream root..and have seen thoughts and had experiences during REM sleep....

I have consumed Absinthe and imagined what it must have been like to be Mark Twain or Arthur Rimbaud... i have consumed San Pedro Cactus, And Peruvian torch...and have had such wild and vivid thoughts go through my mind with such a speed I had to feel the top of my head to make sure it did not crack open.

All in the name of dissolving my ego and filters..

I don’t condone it, but I don’t condemn it either.

There is something majickal about participating in a Shamanic tradition that goes back to the time of the Ancient ones. The Aztecs...the Incans....African Shamans and witchdoctors.....voodoo priests. Visionaries.

As artists we draw off of our muses and perceptions...feelings...sights...touch , thought..


I have recently re discovered how powerful and undervalued my sense of smell is...

It can transport you back in time, bring you back to childhood...scare you...repulse you or seduce you.

I have also made it a habit of trying stimulate my sense of smell , my olfactories... to allow for additional insights and try to incorporate that somehow into my writing.

Do you have a favorite fragrance?

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thoughts on the matter?

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Having ridden my bike today, the last lap it was raining on the asphalt. Was already thinking of my favorite scent prior, that plus passing folks mowing their terf so sweet smells like wheatgrass.

bananas are the perfect food

for prostitues

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The smell you are describing is petrichor...Its unmistakabl.

  1. A pleasant smell that frequently  accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.
    When that rain hits the asphalt....pure rush of nostalgia.
    Its Bliss.
    Thanks for the read