Signs In The Sky

Song Lyrics



You can try to lie to your heart,

But your heart leaves your mind in the dark.

A love thats doomed from the start,

Is like a chain 

A chain that you cant break apart.


Looking for a sign from the sky.

The clouds spell a lonely goodbye.

A deep blue infinite sigh.

As the winds whisper

The whisper turns into a cry


You can try to lie to your heart

But your heart leaves your mind in the dark.

You feel the chain as it tightly will wind

The love

The love that left you behind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song lyrics for acoustic guitar accompaniment.


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Kinda brought me back to

Kinda brought me back to "whisper to a scream" in one way but this is its own song in so much more. The chains make for an unbroken melody. That perhaps alludes to another song from way back when. And yet this is its own voice and organic whole and brings the earth and the sky and everything in between, dark and light, hope and despair: very well proportioned!

here is poetry that doesn't always conform

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the reading/listening/viewing experience is always so highly subjective...

From person to person.....or even from the state of mind when you read or re-read....

A “faces come out in the rain” type of situation...

in my mind, when i sing this, and even while I penned it, It was with in a “crooner” vocal style.

Long sustains and carrying the notes add to that affect, i suppose...

but I hope it moved you in some way.

thanks for the read