Natures' Porno Carnival

Perverse & Bazaar


swift winds shift and whisper
and make naked timbers moan.
stone Grey river veins make plains
stake claims to fallen snow
slow Crystal thorns form horns 
like a  beasts sleek teeth, dripping,
stripping ripped clothes bare 
flesh rests under much less kept.
wet breaths rest but cast sighs
aside from the skies wild eyes.  
rise the steam off streets.
fog lofts in soft ribbons twisting
lifting mist thickens and dark clouds 
stain in shades of purple gray.  
rays strain in brilliant vain, but shine
muted weak beams between 
and peek eagerly as if to see 
but tease 

and pass rapidly back inside.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

originally untitled.

title inspired by a friend..

see below.


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allets's picture


A mighty talent: She lives in the title. Her poems go everywhere. So do yours - slc



cathycavalcante's picture

I too, love the imagery this

I too, love the imagery this piece us so descriptively full of!

'Purple grey' !!!! Love it!! Needs to be a new color in a box of 64!!!


Beatnik1979's picture

Finally came up with a title 

Finally came up with a title 

palewingedpoetess's picture

I've a suggestion for your title......

feel free to use it if you like, how about 'Nature's Pornographic Horror' That title would really catch  a readers eye and make them want to open it up and read the poem fully. I love out there titles. really enjoyed this poem. Thanks for sharing and do share some more. Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.

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 for your inspiration...I did not know we shared the same birthday.

i named this piece as you suggested to celebrate your life and time on Post Poems.

Youre not forgotten,


AngryLaughter's picture

Purple grey

I've never really thought about that color.

Beatnik1979's picture

Kinda like the color of a

Kinda like the color of a thunderstorm 

i love how thunderstorms smell,  too