the cities innumerable sins come alive 
shrouded within shadow veil
and dark of night
gin-milling with its poison patrons
 its corners 
under glowing street lamp
blinking tavern sign
gaunt- faced biker-babes
thick skinned leather loners
with eyes hollowed
follow shot with endless beer
in odes to drowning sorrow.
under-rock  out- crawlings of slums 
abandoned buildings
roach motel men
backseat Buick brides
park bench newspaper blanket 
veteran of street 
trashcan fire smokestack 
junk withdrawal
as the purgatorial gates close
as the blood red sun comes up
over the city of Los Angeles
the stained wretched streets
scatter its remains
into the cool Santa Ana breeze
like a clockwork bell 
from times terrible tower
the sins of the city 
rejoice in the hot blooded insanity
of nightfall.
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allets's picture

"...times terrible tower..."

I am thrown into the description in Babel-17 of the images during the last unbargo. I love a great time image. The feel of the life lives here. - slc



Beatnik1979's picture


17 has got some very clever writing device throuought.

Almost a bit schizophrenic....lacking the use of propers and all.

somedays , its beautiful...

other days, its a hellish torment of despair. 


allets's picture

I've Read It About 10 Times

Like The Last Hot Time, it gives me something else each time. S'been a while. 1/2 way through Hot Time (4th read) and the magic is still there. Fun with language in prose as poetry is so much better than one form only. - slc



Beatnik1979's picture


second that...

for sure.

schmuckjones's picture

I really dig this one.

That wonderful small, select choice of words.  They create for some good visuals, mentally.  I like the title too, it leaves it open.  Until you mention L.A.  Which makes me go "ah yeah" I can see that.  Gritty and Dirty.   Very Nice.

Beatnik1979's picture


I appreciate the review, and the feedback. The greatest compliment is to use your valuable, irreplaceable minutes to read  something  of someone elses.  I am looking forward to future posts nd reviews! Thanks again!