Tasting the Venom

Wulfman Adventures

This anger makes me shake and grit my teeth
I don't know what the hell it is brewing
Whatever it is, it is slaying my peace
Inside I am a fading man of the former shell

Ooooh, so far away from myself that I am lost
Tearing away what I wanted to be
All that I was is lost in this transition of change
I am so far away from myself I fever

Shiver with the venom, drink the poison
This beast that is rampaging within
Grinding my pearls, mashing my tongue
Bleeding my heart of the love I gathered
What is this new intoxication with anger?

Oohhh, gritting my teeth til my gums bleed
My head shakes of the boiling rage
Destruction is all that computes in my sicken mind
I am too far away to see that I am being insane
Destroying myself as I sink in this venom

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