Daddy's Little Girl

All About Me

When I was young I used to be
Daddy's little girl.
He'd spin me around in his arms
Giving me a twirl.
He taught me a great many things
About life, laughter, and love.
And even though he's not with me now
He watches over me from above.
My dad instilled in me
A deep desire to keep trying.
But no matter what I do now
I feel like my insides are dying.
I must be strong, and carry on
He'd want me to...for sure.
No matter how old I get though I'll always,
Be daddy's little girl.
~~Brandy Noelle Souza~~
~~September 2, 2014~~

Author's Notes/Comments: 

R.I.P. Daddy. I <3 you. Jan 6, 1943-August 31, 2014.

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It's beautiful. I hope the

It's beautiful. I hope the writing is bringing you some solace in this time. One of my best friends died the same day, seven years ago. Writing was one of the things that kept me breathing through each day in the months that passed after. Those writings, and the writing I still do about the loss of her, helps me to understand and to cope, till this day.