In Memoriam of Fergus The Rat: A Poem

You were the first of two brothers,
I was your new mother.
In my hand you felt so light,
It was really love at first sight.
You were the oldest, the shy one,
You let Rocky have all the fun.
Still you loved your crackers and yum yums,
All packed away snug in your tum tum.
My heart cried when I found you this morn,
I hated to see you gone, yet I was torn.
In the last months you looked your age,
And I just knew there would come this day.
I will say goodbye now, but it's not forever.
I will see you again, cross the rainbow bridge and river.
Fergus Souza--May 2012/Jan 2014. RIP.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Eulogy: Fergus was my oldest rattie baby, the oldest of two brothers. He is survived by his younger brother Rocky, and his dear friend Xander. He died peacefully in his sleep last night sometime after 6pm, after having a last meal of cocoa puffs, and was found this afternoon by his aunt Angel Souza and myself. RIP Fergus, you will be missed.

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Aw. Hugs. I had a rat named

Aw. Hugs. I had a rat named Izzy when I was a teenager. He had gotten out of his cage. Disappeared for a while. When I finally decided to clean out his cage, I discovered that he had come home to pass away. Thanks for bringing back memories of my sweet Izzy. We used to go everywhere together.



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Ty for the comment! I'm sorry

Ty for the comment! I'm sorry about Izzy...he sounds like he was sweet! I am glad you got some good memories out of this poem. :)