Bright ray of sun’s dust
Immense like Milky Way
Specks, flicks in small cosmic shapes
Hues of colors keen

Each so distinct, each so pristine
The bright sun’s beam
Penetrates, energizes leaves
Perceive the many motleys shadows

The symmetry of cloud and light
All reddish - yellow- green do glow
Iridescent – most majestic
Leaves on slim branches sway in gentle wind

Orchestrated as if led by a melodic wand
Kaleidescope in rainbow colors
Conducted by some magic power
Leaves irradiated, alive, begging

Majestic foliage from afar
But close up a painters dazzling marvel
Of nature’s best

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hey. Awesomeness. This is

hey. Awesomeness. This is what poetry is all about. Keep em comin

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