Stars and Such

Planets, moons and stars
All shine light from millennium past
Part of fables and ancient lore
Circulate and rotate on their own time table

They shoot across the night sky
In a dying blaze of glory
From moon our tides are predicted
Solid sound and light waves hover

I don’t know why
Some lost people find their path by the open sky
I find shining planets small as a pea
My telescope trained on the vast universe

But the heavens did exist eons ago
To sparkle and put on a celestial show
I still prefer the Earth to Mars
But you can bet on and count the stars

They say, some day
With rockets launched from Earth
The brave will explore the place
Send back images and leave our footprints behind

For what it is worth
I’ll stay, and die
Here on terra firma of the Earth

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Morningglory's picture

Really nice

I'll stay her on Terra firma too. I'm not from Mars! I need air.


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