At 91

There is still a time when beauty matters
Not just the ancient sequoia
Blinded by a statuesque young lady
Or the innocent doll-faced baby
But I sense an inner feeling of joy
Of freedom, possibility and eternal future

Amazing now, at ninety-one years
I am gifted with similar pleasures
From morning to night each moment is more precious
Life is still full of possibilities!
A colorful parade is still spectacular and ageless
Aware, sadly that dumb wars, killings and injustice are here

My theater on life’s stage is still exciting
Entertaining, full of visions and vigor
Each morsel I taste is exquisite
Each bird’s trill is amusing and touching
I’m still amazed at the constant newness
Consumed with the screen, phone, messages

Repeatedly grateful for a sensual touch of love
Pathos and temporary pains are soon erased
My world is so magical and marvelous
I must still absorb, witness and comment upon all
For I know time is fleeting, like rapids below a bridge

Yes I sense the excitement in my bones
The rusty brown branches outside
Get up, relieved, leaving the bathroom with a smile
Snow peaked mountain scenes or tropical beaches with maidens on TV
Or even the stillness before the funeral service begins
Here I am, a witness, a participant

So you see, even at ninety-one all is still worthwhile

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91!? That's awesome. You sound grateful. We appreciate that!

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