I have a new friend that is sexy as she can be,

I cant tell you her name but her initials are KRC,

She carries in her heart a huge amount of pain,

She wont let you see it or try to explain,

Instead she will make you laugh and feel like you have known her for a long while,

When she is around me all I can do is smile,

We can talk for hours and our stories almost sound the same,

When shes gone away everything feels better when I hear her say my name,

I had to take her home 47 miles away,

I didn't think it would be such a sad day,

She held on to my arm for the entire drive,

It has been too long since I felt that alive,

We are just good friends and I know that is all we will ever be,

But that doesn't make her any less important to me,

She is free as a bird soaring in the wind,

And in me she has found a forever friend.


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