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Iron and Clay

Pure Viking hatred:

I ride into battle

with a band of rebels


A battle for Armageddon;

iron is forged in the hottest 



Hammers of destruction,

Axes of blood lust


We ride to battle to be annihilated,

Out numbered,

Out manned,


Rebels who turn to stone,

forgotten in the forest

Sad people

Sad people

Will give you everything they can

Hoping and wishing only for your genuine love

 keeping you around as a trusted friend is the true plan

Turning strangers, acquaintances into loved ones

by giving all they can is the daily hope of

Sad people

Actually Paramore It Ain’t fun

Ain’t it crazy how the world keeps spinning, and everyone just goes on with their day. 

Ain’t it shocking, how the clocks don’t stop, while I’m lying awake in dismay. 

Ain’t it something, that you won’t see tomorrow, when you were full of life yesterday. 

Ain’t it sad, that the tears keep flowing, after i told everyone I’d be ok. 

Aint it insane, we can’t live forever but i guess we are all made this way. 

Ain’t it silly, I’m not used to this, when i know nothing gold can stay. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My beloved dog died, and i cannot sleep without her. So i thought I'd share. here is to sleeping alone. 

Too Prudent

Satish Verma

Wisdom reinvents.
You were burning yourself.
Just my way don't go.

It is the power game
you never played. You may
be sold out in fish market.

Life demands a pound
of flesh. You walk on cinders
to reach the desert to find gold.

Mala Prohipita



Everyone Is Bound.

No Exuses.


You Are Doing Wrong.  Not I.


Question ?

You are God ?

God ?


Not God ? or God ?


Answer .






I Now Pronounce You Dead


At 12 when you’re treated so badly

In your teens not knowing love 

In your dreams 

What dreams 

You can never sleep 

I now pronounce you dead 


At 18 you’re all alone 

Rejected from college 

Rejected from social life

Rejected by your own eyes 

I now pronounce you dead 


At 25 you’re working hard 

Can’t sleep 

Don’t want to open you eyes 

Still the sun shines 

I now pronounce you dead 


At 30 you’re life is ahead of you 

Afraid for your well being 

With no strength to move forward 

Still the world turns 

I now pronounce you dead


At 40 with kids of your own 

You’ve provided for them 

And held them close

And still can’t feel 

Your heart beating 

I now pronounce you dead 


At 50 in your birthday

Cursing the day you were born 

As your wishing for your life to end

I now pronounce you dead 


At 80 all alone

As you pushed your friend 

And your own flesh and blood

In a chair crying as it dawns 

I now pronounce you dead 


At any age and time and space 

Where we just wake up and sleep

Forgetting our hopes and dreams 

We pronounce ourselves dead


When we are living but now actually living 

When we are breathing but not taking deep breaths 

When we are walking instead of dancing under the rain 

We pronounce ourselves dead 


When you wake up 

Just to go back to sleep 

When you work 

Just to meet your daily needs 

When you dream 

Just to shut out reality

When you socialize 

Just to pass time 


I now pronounce you dead

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We often forget to live which causes us to stop feeling, enjoying and cherishing life which causes us to die on the inside and live as a corpse.


Always remember life is much more than yesterday and today.

Go back

As I lay next to you in silence 

I wonder to myself 

what did I do wrong 


I feel rejected 

I feel manipulated to think only physical acts of intimacy mean you love me 


I feel like a hollow shell

im not sure I feel anymore

I've been pushing it all deep down inside 

now I'm not sure where this can all be found 


I ask if your in the mood 

you push me away telling me I have things to take care of myself 


it's not the same 


why must I feel unwanted

not heard 

an empty vessel going about my day completing my daily routines and tasks 

at the end of the day to only feel numb and shut down 

I don't know what happened to me

i don't know why your no longer interested

no longer invested 

I've Never cried so much in silence 

thinking about you 

about us 

hoping true love will get us through


im lying awake every night 

overthinking everything 

while you sleep 

I can't sleep

i Can't relax 

I just wish we could go back 



End This

I hate this version of me

You have made me feel needy

I constantly yearn for your love and affection

Only to be constantly let down


What is wrong with me

Why aren't I good enough

Youve sheltered me from the world

From my true self


I constantly doubt your love

I doubt myself 

I no longer have this confidence inside 

I am slowly loosing myself

I don't think you've noticed 

let alone cared


I don't know how much more I can take

I don't know how much I can stand 

I am drowning in myself trying to make me better

For a man that won't give me his time


I fucking hate myself now

What have I allowed 

I hate us

Why are we here 

We need to end this 

Otherwise I will find myself struggling for years

Who Wants Eternity

Satish Verma

In black sun
and white night,
I was ready to
breath in the arsenic!

Who was under
threat, I will ask?
The silence of the abyss
was going to upset me.

Can you stop―
these threarics, without
hurting anybody after
the unpaid debt of an
invisible devotee?

Drooping eyes
do not want to see the
setting sun in twilight.