From The Heart


Loving you was easy,

Even from the start.

One look into those beautiful eyes,

Forever stole my heart.

The time that we have spent together,

Is imprinted in my heart forever.

Your soft, tender and loving touch,

My soul will remember so much.

Your strength and presence,

As you stood beside me,

Will follow through the days that will be.

Lonely since we are now apart.

It ended before it could even start.

We thought that we would be together,

Yes, we planned our lives forever.

I’ll cherish all those kisses.

My heart will grieve for all that it misses.

But for now we must sit back and see,

without each other how our lives will be.

Hoping that fate will lend a strong hand,

So in the future we’ll wear that band.

Upon both of our fingers and encircling our heart,

So that never again shall we ever part.

All the wonderful seconds, minutes and hours,

I will never regret,

Because they were OURS!

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Skylar Brickman's picture

I really like this poem, I think it can speak for many people. I know there are a lot of people who have been in that kind of situation, and this poem expresses how I currently feel about someone. Keep the good.

~Skylar Brickman