A Letter to My Soldier

From The Heart

A Letter to My Soldier

It was many years ago, that I placed an order for a bracelet.

Not diamonds rubies or even gold.

It was a simple silver bracelet, not adorned with any gems at all.

But a very priceless jewel was stamped upon its face.

The name Commander Thomas Kolsted,

One of the many United States service men: M.I.A: missing in action.

I proudly wore your bracelet, it never left my wrist.

Through my teenage years-you were my hero.

Every night I would anxiously watch the television

to see "Who had been found"

But to my dismay your name was never called.

In my young mind, I could not fathom the fact that

"My Man" was never going to be coming home.

I never met him, or saw his face,

but I know that he was the bravest of men.

I never met his family.

"Did he have a wife, children?

He must have had someone special, waiting just like me.

Someone who knew his smile, his beautiful eyes, his loving heart.

Who also sat by the television waiting for his named to be called,

and dying a little each time it never was.

It is now many years later, that war is over, while others still rage.

We still don't know where you are today, Thomas.

Your name has been imprinted on The Memorial Wall

as well as into my heart forever.

It took me awhile to find your name (there are so many who were never


but you were there to my hearts delight, you were lost but not forgotten

"My soldier."

But God knows where you are. For you are at his side, still guarding over


"Forever on Duty"

Love, Jeanne

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Anony Moose's picture

Jeanne, your poem is beautiful.. and your fidelity
is inspiring.. .. yet the names of the 4 million murdered
by the servants of Shell and BP.. the 4 million
Vietnamese wanting independence for their own country
.. are not inscribed in US marble

keithwhitacre's picture

Absolutely superb! Many poems and poets speak out against war, and that is very understandable, but we must never forget those who fought and died in such wars. Iā€™m sure every soldier or sailor would rather be home with their families, but they chose to serve their country. Much applause to you for this tribute, not only one M.I.A., but I think it speaks to all who served and to their families. So, what was the inspiration for this piece? It sounds to be a true story.