My Sister's Paintings

My sister’s paintings are colorful and big; Every now and then, my sister starts a painting for her class. She has a different one every two weeks. Whenever someone visits our house they ask who the author of each is, we just say that a fine artist that is supplying us for selling them. Her paintings are really interesting, sometimes abstract, other realistic, but always optimistic. I see them everywhere, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, in my grandmother´s house and also in my aunt´s. But that’s ok, because every time I see them I remember the first time I saw her, tiny and pink and gorgeous, a little baby that became a great painter, a cheerful and joyful painter, full of color, full of sentiment and patience. There is no time in which my sister stops painting, she carried paint to every travel we ever made; she carried paint in the car, she carried paint in the park, she even carried paint in our family trips; she carried paint when she was six, and more now that she’s eighteen. There’s no way you can take her painting away, not even if she’s mad or sad, even less if she is happy and shiny. I love my sister’s paintings but I love her much more, and above all I love her when she paints. That’s why my sister’s paintings are special to me, and to everyone I know, they bring happiness to our lives, they remind us the good days, the moments worth remembering. So there’s no wonder why my sister’s paintings are required, to decorate, to fill up spaces, to cheer your life and to show them off to everyone, to our family, to my friends, to her friends, in my house and in yours, because everyone enjoys them, the smart one, the athletic one, the artistic mind and the engineer, my dog, your cat, her six cats, and the bird that sees through the window. All of you should have one of my sister’s paintings, in your bathroom, in your kitchen, in your living room, in your grandmother´s house and also in your aunt´s, I think you should think about putting one in your girlfriend or boyfriend’s house, for the day would be better, and more beautiful and joyful, because my sister’s paintings will lighten up your day your night and whoever see them for life.

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Aw. You make me wanna see

Aw. You make me wanna see your sister's paintings. :)

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