the words you said will never leave me
i loved you then and i will always
you were the one who helped me most of all
it was sad to see you suffer but im not happy your gone
our time spent together was happy memories
i remember your smile thats the hardest part,
knowing i'll only see it in photos
i knew you had to go but its still hard too say good-bye
tears i shed for you it were the most ive ever cryed
you will all ways be in my heart and head my thoughts and dreams
you were a big part of my life and then you left
its sad to say your not around any more
but i have to get use to it because i know your not coming back

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for the family we loved that cant come home

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this is..I am so sorry for

this is..I am so sorry for your pain, a lovely and sad and sweet expression of yur feelings and, want totell ou it helped me, and remind me of my feelings, especially concerning my uncle who passed. may their smiles live on in our hearts.