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Latest lies about Astrazeneca vaccine: causes blood clots, is not as effective as company claims, the two to three days of ill affects after full vaccinatuon last much longer. The list is longer - the ingredients include T-Cells from dead babies and it will not stand up to usa Food and Drug Administration's review of testing data to be approved for emergency use here.


Lies or not, Brazil could get it cheap if EU and usa reject it. Africa may have a chance, whatever the risks. A jab is better than a grave. Lies only protect national patents. Another lie: All vacinated will have to be given a booster at Substantial charges per jab. Baseless? What do you know about Capitalism and how it recaptures losses?


Ten years from now, we will be told what actually was done to us. We continue to monitor results and the slanders.





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I'm so grateful that you do

I'm so grateful that you do your homework, as we all should, in this age of misinformation and fear mongering. Although I empathize with people who are apprehensive,  I certainly can't argue with your intelligent rebuttal to the whole debate: "A jab is better than a grave" An informative discussion. 

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2 Friends Have Allergies

So, the relief I feel may become grief in a month or a year if I get hit with mutant strain. 14th day after my last jab- next? Lots of people with no masks today. I double. I am mailing out "Jab Jab" poem tomorrow. It rhymes! ~(:D)-



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We're all burned out from

We're all burned out from this never-ending disaster that always finds a way to throw another curve ball just when we see some hope. I'm glad you're taking precautions and staying on the side of reason. Some of us will chronic health conditions are very interested in staying alive.