A Muse

Vintage Words


My muse blew into town

dressed like Mardi Gras

and beaded. I asked him

what other places were

traveled, but he grinned

and ask if he could help me

write something.


I told him, "No, I'm good."

He picked up some clean

shirts, hefted his satchel

and went to the door.

"Where to now?" I inquired

politely. "Drifting about

here, there. Wanna come?"

"No," I told my muse,

"I'm good."







Author's Notes/Comments: 

He left and took my mudcloth hat. Feckless! 09-12-20

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I should be in New Orleans by

I should be in New Orleans by Mardi Gras. Perhaps I'll catch up with your muse. lol ;)  

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He will push you to the ground and push pencils in your hand, provide paper and light, steal the goods, and split - Filandering is another word that sounds like him. Black hair, chestnut skin, eyes like heaven's heaven, and he will make you laugh while smiling - Bring back lots of bead HW ~ Dr. Woman and Travelin' Lady. Thanks for the read. ~A~

Lady A


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You always manage to make me

You always manage to make me giggle Lady A. I so appreciate that about you! Okay... back to the road. Actually, gonna go to sleep. Long day of driving today. Lots of windy country Missouri roads. Tomorrow, Arkansas. Hope it doesn't snow. But I expect it will be storming. Always the adventure out here... Will bring back many beads so long as I'm not stuck to the ground with pencils and paper. lol

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A Wake-Up Call To Mirth

Ha Ha. You will wake like Gulliver, strapped to the bed with thousands of spools of correction tape (I know you remember correction options with manual typewritters.). Glued, dear. Stuck to the hotel, doors glued with white-out and little pink messages that declare "While You Were Our, the shower booby-trapped with slippery carbon paper. - My muse don't mess around baby. You have to write poetry to the pp poets in order to get out - as if in a gothic novel or Boris Karloff horror tale.





Lady A