Me, Myself, & That Other Lady

Vintage Words


She cared. The entire youth

spent believing that like Jesus

she could cure the world of pain

and sin and bring redemption, or

procure small fishes and some

cornbread to stave off the future.

Regret showed up and her mind

turned to learning all there was to learn.

Bored or tired of the repetition

and the contradictions,  her mind

rejected altruism, embraced  politics '

and began her rampage screaming

against all things bad for children, awful for

adults, and not all that great for her.

Browsing the text of what she called

the flip side of maturation processes,

she made way to the brain to stage a

coup d'etat.  The mind became  muddled

with conflicting servings staining gold

tipped china made in Portugal. Clairity

became a goal.


She was elegant for an excellent time,

until the others, myself and I,  moved in.

They traveled to the brain via aortic

episodes as if compelled by a global

positioning device to meld with oxygen.

That did not work either.


Now, she sits under a tree

contemplating aging and death

and writing down everything

before it is too late. Now, she

is totally dominated by me

and myself.






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burkej1h's picture

the constructs of this world

the constructs of this world exist within the boundaries (or the lack thereof) of our psyche.  I believe there is a new world just waiting to be discovered, all it takes is a faithful heart and a discerning mind.  Don't believe the propaganda!!! 

allets's picture

Propaganda Panorama

The weaving is sooooo interesting to decipher though. What would the daily news be without it? So many views, so many pushy views ~~A~~

Lady A


nightlight1220's picture

The synchronicity of our

The synchronicity of our body, mind and spirit weaves us into our potential in time's time...not ours. This is very multi dimentional. I like it.

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


allets's picture

Under Pressure

...the personality splits - then knits itself back into oneness, puzzle piece oneness, level by multi-level, yes ~~A~~

Lady A