Reasons Women Reject Men

Vintage Words


Pimples, rusted out ten year old cars,

unemployed prior to and since 2008. Bad

breath due to booze, body odor, no

hair cut since we met, dirty gymshoes,

no address, stalking, picks nose, can't dance.


Cursing, no vocabulary, left school

in the sixth grade, hate my clothing

choices, likes everything painted purple,

cops a feel in public, talks about my

work incessantly, don't believe in Jesus.


Politics do not matter, you feel helpless,

depression, pessimism is your fall back

position, drugs for two, stole my diamonds,

raw meat eater, wants to have sex



History of fallling down, long medical

list of illnesses, hates children,

needy, clingy, angry, emotionally prone

to say hurtful things, warlock, rotted teeth,

considers trip to the movies the best

date ever.


The list is endless, worthy of several full

length series of hard cover volumes.

It would be called the list of reasons

women reject potential lovers, boyfriends,

or husbands. No, a book series

would be too short, we'd probably need

an entire library shelf dedicated to preserving

the last word on this subject.








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Don't they know that it is the best date ever?

Also, it gives excuses to "touch"

"Hey great job!" *High five*

"Omg! A Strike!" *Hugs*

"I love this Song!" *Hip to hip*



Enjoyed this. ^.^

"We are, Each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." -Luciano De Crescenzo

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It Was Tongue Through Cheek

Hope the guys take it as witty. I love them dearly and I graciously offer them the op to swing back - Bowling - absolutely the best ~ ROFLMAO :D  - Stella 

Lady A