Nature's Flames

Vintage Words


Aurora Borealis

or tulips in spring or

is a dandelion shouting

at the violets



Sun in a no cloud sky.

Green leaves telling lies

to the Blue Jays about

the Robins.


The sun's flames

are nature's style

of saying, "I am done with

winter's pale essence."


Voila! The yellows and reds

have come back. Hummingbirds

are rumored to return like

rapacious wrens, and roses

will everbloom in pinks

and whites and sharp










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Hgaut810's picture

I really enjoy your lines. 

I really enjoy your lines.  Making simple seem genius, or genius seem so simple!  I love it.  You go girl!!!

allets's picture

Thanks So Very Much

I appreciate your comment. Spring is just around the corner. I can't wait. ~S~

Lady A