Dear Child Molester

Vintage Words


Trust is over. You, get out!

Look at her funny one more

time. I thought you were okay,

but I was wrong. And yes,

I have a baseball bat to secure
my getting to the gun
as you head for the door.


Please say something else,

so I can gouge your heart

from your chest with my

canines, leave fingernail marks

on your ribs.


Look at her again
and lose one eye to my
anger and the other eye

to my disgust! Trust is not

easy for me anymore. Take

your clothes on your back

I'll bonfire the rest.


Did I tell you that my second

eldest brother, her favorite uncle,

was in Dessert Storm and he still

kills in his sleep. Go now. I know

where all of your relatives

and friends live. My older brother

was in Viet Nam and is only

a little confused. He sits by

the window and sharpens
a souvenir bayonette all day,

every day. I would absolutely

love to tell him a good war story

with you as the enemy.


I don't want you dead, my people

specialize in long term suffering

as revenge. Hear me well. You

are about to become acquainted

with the unspeakable. Every neuron,

every inch of skin, every organ

you own will weep before

we are done.

You will know that hour, that very

long and howling hour, that she

is mine to protect from mongrels

like you, so please, look

at her again.











Author's Notes/Comments: 

Talk about rant - whew!

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Lady A I agree with you all

Lady A I agree with you all the way where you posted the comment about any back ally will do

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Some Things

I have an irrational anger about...any kind of abuse . It rubs me wrong. All that creative potential poisoned...we do it to ourselves, unfortunately. Looking for reasons why, we need to look in the mirror, A man beats, rapes, and kills a father's daughter. Put the father in a locked room with him and let freedom ring ub hystufuabke anarchy - slc

Lady A


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Kick their scum bag asses,

Kick their scum bag asses, Lady A!

Copyright © morningglory

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Damn Straight

The boyfriend would be out on bond before a mother could blink but a line is the straightest & shortest distance between two points. - Thanks for your nice comment - Lady A

Lady A