Vintage Words


Each year brings a different version
of my personality. Clown or trapeze artist,
red nose, off balance. A friend of mine
brought this to my attention during a visit.


Insert three rings here. Pay at the door . I

I am changing faster than you are because

each year I learn a mountain of new facts.

How to pitch a big tent so that at the top

is the circus master.


When I descend the data filled peak, more

than who I was is affected, I have more gray

hairs, all those overnighters during exams.


A circus is more than jugglers and elephants,
clowns, or huge mammals. It is a progression
of building techniques. Mid terms. Who thought
of calling them that? It was the carnival ticket taker

who dreamed of being a graduate circus act.

Finals had to be coined by some summer mortuary
working college Dean. Sometimes it is minute
by minute, the circus.







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I am sure I am becoming repetitious, but each of your poems further increases my admiration of your style, and of your posted accomplishment.


[* /+/ ^]

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U R Soooooo Kind

Late is better, I hope, to tell you thatI learn fromyou to be joyous. Your comments are always uplifting - yrpoempal, Stella

Lady A