AR-15s For Teachers

Crumbling Planet


Yeah, let us now

train teachers

to become murderers

with less than

a week's training.


How about university

profs, retail clerks,

girl scout leaders,

and postal carriers?


We do not need

more guns. Fewer

is a number



Lady A


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A tragedy in gunpowder. I

A tragedy in gunpowder. I look forward to your poetry, though I don't always comment, and listen to your words with artistic appreciation and somber seriousness

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I would not want to be a teacher and forced to hold a gun. The one time I fired one at a target I cried. 

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Guns Solve Nothing


The next bad idea is unfolding. SAMs, shoulder to air weapons. Threaten to disclose campaign donor lists--Congress will stop sales of automatic killing machines to everyone, like Canada.